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Women Can Take Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

For women, losing weight is, perhaps, the most sought after resolution and they would be willing to go through extreme lengths in order to attain that ‘perfect’ weight.  Let’s face it, though.  Trying to lose weight is a very daunting task and people, at times, can go over-board with their diet regimen so much so that they end up being unhealthy and sometimes these diet regimens don’t even work.
Trying to attain that ‘perfect’ weight entails a lot of work.  You won’t magically wake up one morning to find that you have lost ten or twenty pounds.  You would have to work for it.  You must prepare yourself–not only physically but also mentally–and it requires you to undergo various research in order to find the diet that is just right for you, one that is healthy and that will give you results should you follow through with it.  One of the many dietary regimens that you can use is the Coconut oil diet.
Coconut oil is a tropical vegetable oil that is made from the dried fruit of the Coconut Palm tree.  The Coconut oil consists largely of a certain type of saturated fatty acid.  One tablespoon of the aforementioned oil contains 117 calories and 13.6 grams of fat.  So, you may ask, is it really possible to add fat to your diet and lose weight?  According to Bruce Fife, author of ‘Eat Fat, Look Thin”, “Yes, if it’s the right fat.”  He further recommends adding Coconut oil and substituting it for poly-saturated oils to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and bring about weight loss.
It is advised when following through with this regimen, to use about three tablespoons of natural Coconut oil daily, either virgin coconut oil or processed, whether for stir-frying, as a salad dressing, adding it into other foods, or taking it straight.  The fat is also present in canned Coconut milk which can be substituted for milk in many recipes, and fresh Coconut fruit, which can be eaten as a snack or grated over fruits and salads.
How does Coconut oil promote weight loss?  According to some studies, the key to extra virgin coconut oil and weight loss is the fact that it decreases your appetite while you’re eating the meat and afterwards.  When these fats are added, people are satisfied sooner and eat less, and at the next meal they don’t make up for it by eating more–which is a problem most people undergoing strict diet regimens constantly face.  Although the Coconut oil does contain fat, these fats are Medium-Chain Triglyceride which means that it has a shorter length of molecule.  The length of the molecule determines how the fat is metabolized, making Coconut oil fats metabolize quicker, rapidly being broken down and burnt up by the body, much like carbohydrates for energy.  According to Fife, “With Medium-Chain Triglycerides, you’re eating fat calories, but you’re eating fewer effective calories because metabolism rises, and you end up burning calories, not storing them as fat.”  Using Coconut oil in diet also stimulates metabolism, promoting thermogenesis (burning of calories to produce heat).
Despite this, the American Heart Association, however, cautions people about using Coconut oil for the diets.  Though they believe that Coconut oil is very promising, they believe that eating or using Coconut oil does not guarantee a free-pass into the weight loss department.  Losing weight, as I have pointed out before, requires a lot of patience, perseverance and work and Coconut oil should only be used to help attain the goal of losing weight and not as the sole solution to weight loss.
Though there is nothing intrinsically bad in Coconut oil usage, especially in regards to dieting, it is not recommended to people with severe diabetes or a liver condition.

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