Jumaat, 1 Februari 2013

Hand Reflexology: 'Do-it-yourself'!!!

Your 10-minute hand reflexology self treatment starts with:

Step 1 - pinching the finger tips and thumb of your right hand. The pressure applied to each finger should be firm, but make sure it is not painful. A few seconds for each single finger tip will be sufficient. The following step is to repeat this process on your left hand.

The next steps are:

Step 2 - pinching the sides of your finger tips;

 step 3 - vigorous finger rubbing; 
step 4 - more finger rubbing but now the tops and bottoms + rubbing the sides of your fingers; 
step 5 - finger tugging: grasp each single finger (and thumb) at the base and tug firmly; 
step 6 - pinch and pull the webbed areas between your fingers; 
step 7 - gently massage the top of your hand with your thumb; 
step 8 - gently massage your inner wrists;
 step 9 - massage firmly the palm of your hand; and 
step 10 - centering by your thumb deeply in the center of your palm.

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