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Craving some pampering during your pregnancy?

 Why not indulge

 yourself and enjoy a day or two at a spa. Many offer a whole range

of special treats for pregnant women, ranging from massages

 to manicures. Try these tips for a relaxing and wonderful spa getaway.

When can I go to a spa during pregnancy?

The best time to go is during your second trimester.

 Morning sickness is behind you and your energy levels are higher.

The second trimester is also the time when the chances

 of miscarriage or early labour are less of a worry.

 Some spas will suggest you don't have treatments or

join some exercise classes until you're at least 12 weeks pregnant.

 You may find that some spas also restrict women who

are more than 32 weeks pregnant.

Make sure you tell the staff at the spa how many

 weeks pregnant you are when you book your treatment

 Check too that they are experienced in looking after pregnant women.


Is there anything I should avoid at a

spa while I'm pregnant?


It's best to stay away from heat treatments when you are pregnant.

These include:

·         saunas

·         steam rooms

·         tanning beds

·         hot springs

·         whirlpools, hot tubs and jacuzzis

Raising your body temperature could affect the circulation of blood and

nutrients to your baby and cause problems.

Should I book a massage during pregnancy?

A massage when you're pregnant can be a wonderful way

to ease an aching back, stiff shoulders and sore hips.

 It can also pep up your mood and get those feel-good,

 pain-relieving endorphins flowing around your body,

 leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

For the best massage for you, check how much

 experience your masseuse has with pregnant women.

A good guide is whether the spa offers massages

specifically for pregnant women. It's likely to mean the

therapists have pregnancy massage training and experience.

 A good massage therapist could also offer suggestions for

 massage that your birth partner could do for you when you're in labour.

When you go for your massage, tell your masseuse if you have

 any particularly sensitive areas or if you are uncomfortable.

 The spa will have extra pillows, wedges and extra padding to help

 you get comfortable. Your masseuse will help you move into

different positions, sitting, lying on your side or semi reclining.

Some spas have a hole cut out of the massage couch for

your bump, but some pregnant women can find these

make their lower back ache.

If you've been sensitive to smells since being pregnant,

 do ask for scent-free lotions. And if you can't bear

that whale music, ask for something else!

You need to be extra careful if you're planning an

aromatherapy massage with essential oils.

Some oils can be harmful during pregnancy.

 Make sure your aromatherapist is trained in treating mums-to-be,

 and tell her how many weeks pregnant you are.

Can I have a facial when I'm pregnant?

A facial can be wonderfully relaxing and can keep your skin healthy.

Just bear in mind your skin may be more sensitive

 now you're pregnant and some products may

 irritate your skin, even if you've used them before.

Ask your beauty therapist to use gentler products for

 sensitive skin. You could ask her to do a patch test before she starts.

Also make sure your beauty therapist isn't using anything

 containing retinoid. This is a type of vitamin A that speeds

up cell division. It can help your skin, by boosting your skin's

 renewal and preventing skin collagen from breaking down

. However, there's a chance that it could harm your baby if you are exposed to a lot of it.


Can I have a manicure or pedicure

while I'm pregnant?


Beautiful-looking hands and feet always make you feel good

. It's fine to use nail polish and nail polish remover

during pregnancy. However, it's worth knowing that

chemicals in nail polish can be harmful if you're regularly

 exposed to them. The two most common chemicals are

 formaldehyde and toluene, both of which can irritate

 your eyes, throat and lungs. Toulene can also cause

problems for your baby if you're exposed to a lot of it regularly.

You may decide to avoid the nail bar during the first trimester.

 You could also ask you nail technician

 if she can use nail polish that's

 free of formaldehyde and toluene,

 and make sure the room is well-ventilated.


I can't go away to a spa.

 How can I pamper myself at

 home while I'm pregnant?

If don't have the time or money for a spa treat,

you can always create your own mini spa at home:

·         Start by tidying tidy away any clutter in your bedroom and bathroom.

·         Ask family members to leave you in peace and get ready to relax.

·         Create a soothing mood by putting on some soft music and lighting some scented candles.

·         Give yourself a face mask.

·         Enjoy a deep, but not too hot, bath.

·         Have a cleansing shower and condition your hair.

·         Wrap yourself in a warm towel and moisturise your body.

·         Finish by relaxing in bed with a good book to send you off to sleep.


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