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Pelbagai jenis Titik bekam


Point 3

Point 2

Point 1

Cupping places on the back

1, the shoulder, the seventh vertebra (bone of spine) of the neck.
2 & 3, the area between the ears, the back of the head where hair grows or on the sides of the neck.
4 & 5, the air door between the two ribs upwards in the branching of the tracheae (main windpipe) and the bronchus (smaller windpipe).
6, the gall bladder at the peripheral of the right rib toward the spine.
7 & 8, on the stomach place at the middle of the back opposite to the stomach on the spinal sides.
9 & 10, the kidney centre under 7 & 8 on the middle of the back.
11, lumbar vertebrae - a prominent bone at the lower back of the vertebra column.
12 & 13, on the sides of 11, slightly upward, 5cm away from the spine.
14, 15, 16 & 17, the colon, almost on the colon corners from the back and 18 of the middle of the spine.
19, the heart, opposite to the heart from the back and almost on the left rib side.
20 & 21, tonsils triangle that lies in the area between the neck and the shoulder with a slight bending to the back.
22 & 23, above the pancreas gland under the rib end.
24 & 25, at the beginning of the lower half of the back.
26 & 27, bilaterally at the sides of the iliac bone.
28, 29, 30 & 31, at the upper part of the buttocks.
32, on the middle of the head.
33, on the right part of the hair near the forehead or the hair line.
34 & 35, the right and left part of the brain (at the temporal sides of the brain) as well as the occipital bone.
36, the cerebellum (occipital) prominent bone on the head.
37 & 38, nearly 3cm above the ears.
39, prominent occipital bone, the deep area at the back of the head where cupping is prohibited, except in necessary cases.
40, in the middle of the back of the neck.
41 & 42, on the back of the head to the right and the left.
43 & 44, the sides of the neck.
45 & 46, nearly 3cm above the air trachea (4-5).
47, on the left shoulder in addition to the heart.
48, on the right rib from upward, complementary to the gall bladder knot.
49, the immunity area from the back, between the two scapulae (shoulder blades).
50, 6cm slightly above 8, for stomach ulcers.
51 & 52, the two thigh bones (femur), from both sides.
53 & 54, the inner part of the knee from the back.
55, almost 3cm under the shoulder.

Cupping places on the face and abdomen

101, the forehead on the place of worship in praying and it is better not to repeat it.
102 & 103, above the eyebrows from the inner part of the nasal sinuses.
104 & 105, on both sides of the brows and slightly upward for headaches and sight.
106, almost 6cm above the left ear to help give up smoking.
107, nearly 4cm above the cheeks to assist in speech.
108 & 109, on the sides of the nose for nasal sinuses.
110, under the ear from the right and left.
111, 112 & 113, near the eye and the cheek and near the lip to treat the fifth and sixth nerve.
114, under the chin and it has many benefits.
115 & 116, under the ends of the clavicle (collar bone) from the outside and on the shoulders.
117 & 118, under the clavicle (collar bone) from the inside, on the chest.
119, the heart, under the middle of the left clavicle (collar bone) using four fingers of the patient himself.
120, sternum bone (breastplate), in the middle of the chest.
121, first part of the stomach directly under the chest bone.
122, 123 & 124, above the liver, right of the belly.
125 & 126, between the belly and the thigh near the pubic hair area for involuntary urination, infertility√Ę€¦etc.
127 & 128, on the inner part of the thighs.
129, on the back of the feet to the right.
130, on the sides of the heel from inside and outside for edema.
131, above the heel bone nearly 5cm from the outside.
132, varicocele.
133, almost 2cm above the stomach mouth and near the end of the chest bone.
134, under the left breast.
135 & 136, 5cm away from the breast nipple from the inside for the lungs.
137, 138, 139 & 140, above, right, left and under the umbilicus (belly button).
141, & 142, Right and left of 140.
143, above the bladder.

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