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Symptoms of a Displaced Uterus:
    1. Painful periods (Your period is not suppossed to hurt!  Cramping is NOT normal! I had no idea until last weekend!)
    2. Late, early, or  irregular periods
    3. Dark, thick blood at onset and at the end of menstruation
    4. Headache or migraine with period
    5. Dizziness with period
    6. Failure to ovulate regularly
    7. Painful ovulation
    8. Varicose veigns of the legs and hemorrhoids
    9. Tired, weak legs
    10. Numb legs and feet, especially when standing still for awhile
    11. Sore heals when walking
    12. Lower back ache
    13. Endometriosis
    14. Endometrisis
    15. Uterine Polyps and Fibriods
    16. PMS/Depression
    17. Uterine Infections
    18. Frequent Urination
    19. Bladder Infections
    20. Vaginal yeast conditions/vaginitis
    21. Blood clots during menstruation and excessive bleeding
    22. Chronic miscarriage
    23. Premature delivieres
    24. Difficult pregnancies/incompetant uterus/spotting
    25. Failure to ovulate
    26. Infertility
    27. Painful intercourse
    28. Constipation
    29. Difficult menopause
    30. Cancer of the cervix, uterus or colon

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